Bork Reveals the Real Deal

Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life

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A humorous, fact-filled description of puberty, adolescence, and reproduction. With all the essential facts and easy-to-understand format, the witty and edgy style of this book will appeal to boys ranging from nine to twelve years old. Puberty and adolescence have never been told in a more fun and relaxing way!

The reader will understand that a boy’s physical, emotional, and social development during puberty is normal and common to all. Main character Bork empowers the reader with all the necessary and objective facts, and includes an interactive element to engage the reader in simple and entertaining activities.

This book is a great resource to introduce the topic to younger, pre-adolescent boys, and also serves as a perfect complement to the sex ed courses taught in the upper elementary grades. Using a unique and careful approach, the author includes only the basic, factual necessities of sex and reproduction without venturing into other subjective areas—and the many values and judgments that often accompany this topic. This is the one guide that provides boys with everything they need to know without delving into the more complex areas that can surround this important and sensitive topic.

For all families with boys, this is a book that should remain on the shelf as their pre-teens mature and become more inquisitive about their bodies. The book also serves as an effective resource for parents, pediatricians, librarians, and school counselors.