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“Witty, fun and full of fabulous facts . . . presented in an encouraging and positive light.  Just what our girls need.”

– Karen J. Miller, M.D., F.A.A.P., Pediatrician

“As a mother of two boys I was overjoyed to get asked to read and review this title. I read it with my husband and we were both blown away how Trenchard made the tough and uncomfortable topics of puberty and adolescence into funny and conversational tidbits to help us navigate the adventure of having two boys. I have already recommended to many of my friends with boys of all ages. This will be a invaluable tool that I will use throughout the various stages in my life. I absolutely loved it and rate it 5 stars!!!!”

– E. A. Lewis, Mrs. Mommy BookNerd

“Our kids are going to learn a lot about themselves and this world from the world, and that’s not really a good place to start. I want my children to learn from me so much so that I homeschool them. Have you ever heard the quote, “I have seen the village and I don’t want them raising my child?” Well that is how my husband and I look at this world and all it has to offer. If you want them to know the truth about how things really are whether its the world they live in or the skin they live in, its best coming from us—the parents of said child.

Well apparently the author of my latest review, Terri Shearer Trenchard felt much the same way when she started to teach her son about the facts of life, only to be disappointed by the books she found on the topic. She then set out to create the boy version of this same book, “Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life”, which is a book designed to help boys with that tender subject at the ripe old ages of 9-13 years old. So I was offered the girl version of the follow up book, this book entitled Corky Gives The Whole Scoop On The Facts Of Life (For Girls Only!).

The author has really managed to put together a great coming of age book that is light hearted and full of educational quality directed towards our girls that will engage them. From puberty, pimples, to peer pressure this book mentions it all as well as explains some of those tough topics that are hard for us as parents to talk with our girls about. But the good thing is the conversations don’t have to stop there, this book will help your daughter talk more to us about those things that are of a concern to her.

The book is narrated by Corky, a fun loving young girl that will lead your daughter to a better understanding of her body and hopefully open up the communication with her parents. This is a great book full of good advice for your daughter or that special young girl in your life that is approximately between the ages of 9-13.”

– Jalynn Patterson, A Simple Life, really?! Blog

“Though I have girls, I went through all of this (Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life) and wish that I had had a book that states it as simply as this one does when I was growing up. The author did a great job at laying out all of the things that a young boy will be going through as he hits puberty. This period in a boys life can be confusing as well as sometimes scary, but this book does a great job at demystifying it all. I loved the way in which the book was written as it could be shared with the child themselves or it can be read together with a parent. Altogether, this was a well written book that is a must have for any parent of a boy today.”
Dad of Divas

“Having a “facts of life” discussion with his parents doesn’t usually top the list of bright ideas a pre-teen boy might consider.  But when whispered conversations with friends leave him wondering what’s really going on, he needs somewhere to turn for information.  Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life can provide the answers.

Speaking in a humorous and light-hearted manner, Bork explains puberty and adolescence in a way boys can understand.  Body changes, fluctuating hormones, and even “the facts of life” are covered in this all-inclusive book about growing up.

Most boys would probably rather not talk to a parent about this topic, unless they first have some basic understanding, but Bork encourages them to try.  Even if they choose not to, they will have enough information to handle the many changes going on inside them.”
– Alice Berger, Bergers Book Reviews

“As a father of two girls I have to say that I am a bit of a loss at how to talk to my girls about puberty and I know that my oldest will be entering this phase of her life in a very short time. While I know that my wife can share some good perspectives with my girls, I know that I too should be in the know so that I can support my girls as they go through these changes in their lives. The author writes in a way that draws the young reader in and is easy to understand and to digest. I know that as young people enter this confusing period in their life having books and resources is so important. I read through this book very quickly and found each section to be something that opens a dialogue between the child and a person she can trust. It is this dialogue that provides weight to the information shared in this book as I know that I would want my daughters to not go through this period alone, and neither does the author of this book!”

Dad of Divas

“Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life by Terri Shearer Trenchard. The author sent me this book for review, aimed at boys 9-12 years old. I’ve not yet shared it with my son, because I don’t think he’s interested yet. It covers issues like:

-what is puberty and when will you know you’re in it?
-embarrassing stuff like wet dreams
-hormones/peer pressure/attitude
-sex, reproduction and childbirth. Nothing sensational here, and with a sense of “I know you’re going to think this is gross and unbelieveable” kind of a way.

The book includes some helpful statistics like when the average boy grows the most (ages 14-15, according to the American Medical Association). The author uses a sense of humor with the book, so it’s not too serious while discussing important issues. I am comfortable giving this book to my son when I think he’s ready and interested. FYI – the author has a masters degree in education and human development.”
– Debbie Abrams Kaplan, Frisco Kids

Keeping Your Preteen from Being a Stinkopotamus Rex

“So how does a parent handle this stage of development?

1.    Listen attentively.
2.    Use your parenting ears twice as much as your mouth.
3.    Empathize. Empathize. Empathize. Remember you were once in their stinky shoes.

Next, try these simple steps.

Read books about body development with your children. It will take the emphasis off of you having the talk with them and puts it on the contents of the book. (A good example for a boys’ book is Bork Reveals The Real Deal About the Facts of Life by Terri Shearer Trenchard.)”
– Heather Bennett, little rock family

“I must say that it addresses everything in such a comfortable way. I am so happy to have it as a resource for my family! It really gets to the “nitty-gritty” stuff without being overwhelming. I really appreciated that aspect of the book, and I loved the references to “pier pressure”. Very clever and helpful!”
– Parent

“Wow, this book is just what I needed to give to my now Sixth grade son! I read it, and now, I will give it to him to read. It is so funny and yet, will give him so much knowledge as he is approaching puberty. I would recommend it for boys 10-15 years old. All the embarrassing topics that I have struggled to explain to him are addressed in this one book – B.O., nocturnal emissions, sex, male anatomy as well as practical topics like shaving, peer pressure and basic puberty/growth explanations. I loved reading Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life, and I think many boys will as well!”
– Slbless

“When my middle school son (age 11) started asking questions beyond what was taught to him in 5th grade.. I went to my local library and bookstore looking for age appropriate books. I was surprised to see that most books gave either too much information or were books aimed at a much younger reader. Luckily a friend told me about “Bork Reveals The Real Deal about the Facts Of Life”. After reading the book I felt it was right on target. I was pleasantly surprised that my middle school son enjoyed reading this book. It is very well written. It’s the type of book that boys like to read; filled with appropriate comic relief. We read some of it together and I felt it allowed for a more open communication. I have since recommended this book to all of my friends with boys. I will definitely feel more prepared when my younger son starts asking these questions. I sure do hope that Ms. Trenchard will write a book for girls; my daughter just turned 10.”
-Jennifer Grill

“Terri Trenchard has done a big favor for the parents of emerging adolescents. She has spelled out all the changes that will soon place in his body and has done it with honesty and humor, in a straightforward manner. The child is armed with the truth of what is happening to him, thus protecting him from playground misinformation. Each family can use this book in the way that best suits the personalities of those involved. The child can be given the book to pour through on his own, or an adult, preferably his father or other male figure, can go through it with him, encouraging discussion. Either way, the child learns that what is happening to him is normal – a point Trenchard makes repeatedly, along with the fact that the child is empowered by the truth. Thank you, Mrs. Trenchard. You have performed a valuable service.”
– Calliewebb

“It is simple, engaging, and packed full of information. I love the humor you added throughout. It works well for such a heavy and sometimes uncomfortable subject. I will recommend it to the parents I work with. Can’t wait to read your “girls” book.”
– K. Jones

“I met you at the recent holiday event and bought a book. I just wanted to let you know that my son and I are halfway through our journey and we are enjoying it very much. Great book!”
Elementary School Dad

Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life, Runner-Up in the 2013 DIY Book Festival in the general, non-fiction category



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