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A New . . . (Back-to-School) . . .Season

    It was dark when the alarms went off. My soon-to-be 6th grader said it felt like she was getting on an airplane. When else was she up, dressed, and breakfasted by 6:15 am? My high school freshman was relatively chipper for his typical 14-year old self as he embarked on the world of high school. Off they went, with the sunrise, to catch the bus. Gone, for now, are days of the sunlit freedom of summer bliss. Surely they will come again. For many of us, it’s a new season. A season of new schedules, fresh priorities, revisited goals and values. For many of you, your child will be embarking on the season of puberty, whether you know it or not (or like it or not!)  Be ready.  Be prepared.  Take a deep breath.  And know it will all be fine.  Check out my books.  They’re here and they’re ready to help.