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Be A Better Parent. Get Bork!

Did you see the SuperBowl ad — the Kia Sorrento one — where the young boy asks his dad where babies come from? “Babylandia,” says Dad, continuing on with a very vivid description of this baby-making planet. Okay, cute commercial. We’ve all been there, with those questions — those questions we’re just not ready for quite yet. Even though we may not be ready to face these questions, our kids are. Don’t let your kid be the laughing stock at the lunch table, believing Babylandia makes babies. Buy Bork. Just like the Kia Sorrento, Bork has (the right) answers for everything. Don’t we owe it to our kids to tell them the truth, the facts, The Real Deal? Let Bork help. He’ll pave the way for you . . . and help you with those questions.