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The Middle School Bus Stop – One Door Closes & Another Opens

So what’s up with that? Our pre-teens don’t want us waiting at the bus stop, but they’re the first ones to yell, “Shotgun!” as they enthusiastically plead to hop in the front seat of our car. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, like that day I ultimately acquiesced and didn’t go to the bus stop (okay, confession, I peeked from around the driveway….I mean, have you seen the news?), but can’t we maintain a mere bit of that parent-kid connection, that quality time thing……that How Are You, Tell Me About Your Day thing?   I hate to tell you, but those quality time days from the bus stop are gone. Gone like a ham sandwich with a hobo. Trade them in. Give that pre-teen of yours the rite of passage for . . . are you ready? . . . a new level of quality time. Once you view your tweener as big enough, safe enough, strong enough to handle that (gasp!) potential airbag thing, trade the bus stop in for the front seat. It’s …

A New . . . (Back-to-School) . . .Season

    It was dark when the alarms went off. My soon-to-be 6th grader said it felt like she was getting on an airplane. When else was she up, dressed, and breakfasted by 6:15 am? My high school freshman was relatively chipper for his typical 14-year old self as he embarked on the world of high school. Off they went, with the sunrise, to catch the bus. Gone, for now, are days of the sunlit freedom of summer bliss. Surely they will come again. For many of us, it’s a new season. A season of new schedules, fresh priorities, revisited goals and values. For many of you, your child will be embarking on the season of puberty, whether you know it or not (or like it or not!)  Be ready.  Be prepared.  Take a deep breath.  And know it will all be fine.  Check out my books.  They’re here and they’re ready to help.

The Sound of September

The Sound of September. It’s a Danish term. For us Americans, it equates to Back to School. I like the Sound of September . . . . much better. What does the Sound of September look like to you? What does it sound like? What does it feeeeel like? Whether it is a welcoming of new routines, with open arms to cool, crisp air . . . or a reluctant, nostalgic farewell to the long, warm days of summer, the Sound of September is upon us. For those of us who are “ready,” we’ll jump right in, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. For those of us holding on to every last warm bite of summer, we’ll remind ourselves that it won’t be long ’til it rolls around again. But like all good seasons, there is a time and a place. The Sound of September. Open your ears . . . and enjoy the sounds . . . Simplify 101: Back-to-School; Tips to Get Ready for (The Sound of September).