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He’s Embarrassed to Kiss You Goodbye in Public

Embarrassed to kiss good-bye

This pic reminds me of Mommy & Me Soccer when my son held on tight and never let go.  For a whole hour.  Dribbling and running…up and down the field.  Now these pre-teen sons of ours turn their cheeks as we lean to kiss them goodbye.  Ok, I get that.  I know that adolescence is about staking out some independence…staking out their own space, crossing their fingers that WE don’t invade it.  Teens and independence….they go together like babies and their mommies.  But, oh, as they turn their heads, it makes us feel…..a little…..well….just what is it?  Of course, we know that we ultimately need to raise healthy, independent offspring.  Isn’t that part of our job?  Yet why do they want that independence thing…..that space…..almost overnight?!  Check it out:  life.familyeducation.com/tween/teen/51063.html.

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