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Huh, K, and Other Tween Words

So, your tween now responds in monosyllables?  Yah.  Me too.  Limited sentences sometimes.  I can hardly understand it.  How ‘bout u?

The more our soon-to-be-teenagers grow, develop, and seek independence — with their own language, thoughts, opinions and actions —  the more we want to be a part of what’s going on.  Yet they often perceive our (loving) interest . . . our (caring) questions . . . our (heartfelt) comments . . . as an invasion of their privacy – an invasion into their adolescent world.  They want some independence.  And they want an independent world somewhat away (just a little bit) from us.

Don’t give up.  Be a part of their world.  Talk when they want to talk.  Listen to what they have to say, when they have to say it.  Listen with your ears and your eyes.  Sometimes they’ll want to talk to Mom; sometimes they’ll want to talk to Dad.  Sometimes they won’t want to talk at all.  Give them their space.  And be there too.  It’s a wild ride for both of you – this adolescent thing.  Hang on tight.

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