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Does This SMELL Familiar?

I don’t know about you, but one minute I’m going about my daily business. And the next, I’m stopped…distracted by a SMELL. WHAT is THAT smell? I wonder to myself. And where is it coming from? Over there? No, wait, it’s here.

It’s his shoes, and BOY DO THEY STINK!!     stinky feet, sneakers, boy's shoes, foot odor

So, how do we help our preteens manage their potentially growing stink factor?

Let’s start with a shower. While your preteen may not think he is dirty, those adult-like sweat glands are starting to work overtime to produce B.O. So even if a daily shower was not required in the past, your adolescent may have passed that milestone. Now he will need to shower, and shower often.

What about deodorant? As our kids near 4th, 5th or 6th grade, our job is to gently introduce them to deodorant – and help them realize they have newly developing odors, and most importantly, that there are social impacts of those odors, especially if unmanaged.

Make it a rite of passage. Go down the bath aisle. Open up their noses to all there is in that albeit overwhelming, deodorant aisle. Hey! They just might find some manly soap they want, too…for that SHOWER.

Finally, I haven’t forgotten about those (stinky) shoes. There are more than a few over-the-counter items: shoe liners, shoe powder or those little sneaker balls. They all help. And for goodness sake, tell your son to change his socks EVERY day. Not only will a fresh pair of socks help alleviate smells, it will also stave off athlete’s foot. Now if we can just train them to put away those darn shoes!

For more hygiene tips to combat the smells that often come with adolescence, check out Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life (ISBN 9781466427846, paperback, 69 pp., 5 ½ x 8 ½, $12.99), available at www.CreateSpace.com/3612374 or Amazon.com. Additional information available at http://www.factsoflifebooks.com.

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