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What Do You Want For Lunch ??????


These seem to be the ongoing words in my house.

That linger in the air with no answer.

We’re only 2 weeks in. Two weeks in to this “get ’em up, feed ’em, get ’em on the bus” new school year schedule, and we’re already stuck.

Stuck on What Do You Want For Lunch?????

I can’t seem to get past it.

Boring old sandwiches. Stuff that gets soggy in the thermos. “Nah,” my daughter continues to respond with each apparently decently-fresh suggestion.

What’s a mom to do?

Look online. Like every millennium mom does.

Here’s what I found. Some ideas that got me thinking outside of my (lunch) box.

Things like a cheddar and apple sandwich. How about PB & ….. banana?? Or a sliced egg sandwich …… 101 Ideas for Kids Lunches and 10 Sandwiches to Spice Up a School Lunch. (In case it helps your What Do You Want For Lunch? dilemma.) Check it out . . . and share your own lunch box favorites . . .

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