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Do Your Kids Drink Enough Water?


As a young teen, I was greatly dehydrated and didn’t even know it.  Had a headache every day by 3:00. Every day.  Got worse as the day went on.  Had medical exams, even brain scans. Vitamin deficiency, they said. Looking back, those headaches came from a simple lack of fluid. I would rush out in the morning, and go most of the school day without drinking much.

Sound familiar in your household?

How much water and other hydrating liquids do your kids drink?  Probably not enough.  They fly out the door in the morning, may not have much time during the school day, and before we know it, the negative effects of dehydration can set in, be it headaches, lack of energy, body cramps.  Some schools, classrooms, and teachers have figured this out; and they encourage — even require — students to keep a water bottle close by.  It’s something worth a moment of consideration. Think about it.  And check this out:  http://www.examiner.com/article/the-importance-of-drinking-water-2

For other tips for your developing teens and pre-teens, check out my book.  Bork gives boys 9-13 everything they need to know, when they need to know it.

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