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The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude

We’re beyond the official season of Thanks and into the season of giving.  How do we keep the Attitude of Gratitude alive?

Do you know that being grateful actually increases one’s happiness?

Where does gratitude come from?  I’ve been watching and listening over the years.  I share with you now my simple and easy list of reminders to keep the attitude of gratitude alive . . . in us, and hopefully our kids too.

Count Your Blessings.  Big, small.  Each and every day.  Tell your kids to think about at least one thing for which they are thankful each day.  Jotting it down has even more profound effects.  This little exercise can actually re-wire our brains to be happier and ultimately more productive.

Thank someone for something each day.  Model it.  Lead your kids.  Whether it’s thanking the clerk at the store, someone who holds the door for you, or writing a thank you note or message, thank someone each day for something.  The possibilities are endless in a day if you open up your mind and heart to it.

Teach your kids some of the old adages.  There’s always a bright side.  (Sometimes you have to think a little hard to find it.)  Every cloud has a silver lining.   For every rain there’s a rainbow.  There’s a blessing (albeit sometimes hidden) in everything.  Teach these to your kids.  Model them yourself.  And keep them as close reminders when life’s disappointments (big and small) come around.

Realize that Less is Often More.  I look back on my grandparents, who grew up in modest (I will even say poor) times, days, and surroundings.  Specifically, two of my grandparents who had the least growing up are the most thankful people I know today.  That’s one to ponder and to internalize.  Giving our kids less can actually reap them more in the long run.

Let’s forward the Thanks as we move into the Giving and let the Attitude of Gratitude shine bright.

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