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Spring Has Sprung . . . And the “Buds” are Budding!

Mom daughter spring

Moms, dads of 5th graders, take hold; be ready!  Spring is here and the buds are budding.

Far be it from me to acknowledge again all the “buds” that were budding on the stage of the recent spring concert in our local school, as parents in the audience muttered, “Whoa, the buds are budding in those little white shirts!”

Whether you’re ready or not, here it comes. PUBERTY.

Don’t let it catch you from behind. Take the quiet, gentle (imperative) lead.

Spring is here, the buds are budding, and puberty is all around those upper-elementary spring concerts, classrooms, cafeterias and recesses. And the kids are noticing, asking, wondering.

Take the quiet gentle lead. It will be easier than you thought. Check out my books – one for boys and one for girls – they’ll show you the way and maybe make you (and your “budding” one) chuckle a bit too.

Speaking of buds, here’s a little taste of what’s in store (at least for the girls):

(Page 31 of my book, just to be exact) . . .


Whether you are . . . 8 . . . or . . . 9 . . . or . . . 12 . . . or . . . 13 . . . you might begin to see your  breasts . . . get bigger.  When they start to grow, they are sometimes called “bumps” or “buds” (which by the way is short for “breast buds”).

When your buds start growing and getting bigger, you know you are in puberty.

And, now, for the question that seems to pop into everyone’s mind:


The answer to that is easier than it seems.

Read On.

Check out more at factsoflifebooks.com.  (You just might be glad you did.)

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