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SleepAway Camp: A Stepping Stone Into Responsibility

Summer. I find myself wanting to re-create my idyllic childhood summers for my children. Isn’t that human nature, parenting nature, perhaps pure Mother Nature that drives us to re-create for our children what was good in our childhoods, while also adding in what we didn’t have? I always wanted to go to summer camp, sleepaway camp to be exact. My husband too. Whether it was financial restraints, or just not on our parents’ radar, sleepaway camp wasn’t part of the summer recipe. It’s not that I’m complaining. I was blessed with the perfect childhood summers. I spent weeks at the Jersey shore, time in Pennsylvania with grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins, all while spending my everyday summer time in my then hometown in Connecticut. Mornings were spent at swim lessons, followed by the library, and then long, hot, lazy afternoons at the pool. Capped by neighborhood nighttime fun of Kick-the-Can, Witch’s Hour, Spud . . . catching a few of the hundreds of fireflies . . . which later transformed themselves into a temporary lantern …

Making It a Great Summer (by guest blogger, Deneitra Hutchinson)

I recently participated in a fantastic Twitter chat hosted by children’s author Terri Trenchard and life & wellness coach Trisha Chason. Everyone participating had one goal in mind: making this a productive and positive summer for the entire family. Here, in my opinion, is the best of that conversation. Be sure to add your favorite summer tips in the comment section below. With the end of the school year, comes summer break. Will summer be like a Country Time lemonade commercial or a time of planned activities — or both? As parents, our youthful days of summer have long passed. We played all day with friends and family. We spent the day in the woods, exploring. When we stayed home, we read until our heads hurt. We made-up games, rode bikes, and visited each other’s homes. But what about our children? What do they want? CHALLENGE 1: Ask your child to describe a healthy, summer day. Do they want regular “chill” activities or do they want BIG, ELABORATE plans? How much is enough…one weekday, and one …

The End of The Everything Season

It’s like a second holiday season, this end-of-the-school-and-dance-and-soccer-and-drama-and-band-and-did-I-mention-everything-else season.  There are gifts to buy, multiple performances to attend, graduation cards to mail, checks to write, side dishes to take, oh and by the way, who’s dropping off for try-outs tonight.  We’re already gearing up for next season, you know.  It’s ALL GOOD, but it IS BUSY.  Don’t kid yourself.  Like a second holiday season.  Without the stoppage for the holiday.  Oh yeah, there is a stoppage.  A rather big one.  Called Summer.   I almost forgot . . . as my buzzer goes off . . . and I grab the gift . . . and sign the (where is that card?)  Oh, here.  Under the camp schedule. Ah, the camp schedule.  Now that sounds and feels nice.  The holiday is coming.  I can feel it.  Can’t I? It’s coming, alright.  Keep Calm.  Carry On.  Eat Chocolate.  Whatever It Takes.  And for some ideas on how to make it a great summer, join us.  June 11, 12-1 (EDT).  Twitter.  Stay Tuned.