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The End of The Everything Season

Known as Children

It’s like a second holiday season, this end-of-the-school-and-dance-and-soccer-and-drama-and-band-and-did-I-mention-everything-else season.  There are gifts to buy, multiple performances to attend, graduation cards to mail, checks to write, side dishes to take, oh and by the way, who’s dropping off for try-outs tonight.  We’re already gearing up for next season, you know.  It’s ALL GOOD, but it IS BUSY.  Don’t kid yourself.  Like a second holiday season.  Without the stoppage for the holiday.  Oh yeah, there is a stoppage.  A rather big one.  Called Summer.   I almost forgot . . . as my buzzer goes off . . . and I grab the gift . . . and sign the (where is that card?)  Oh, here.  Under the camp schedule.

Ah, the camp schedule.  Now that sounds and feels nice.  The holiday is coming.  I can feel it.  Can’t I?

It’s coming, alright.  Keep Calm.  Carry On.  Eat Chocolate.  Whatever It Takes.  And for some ideas on how to make it a great summer, join us.  June 11, 12-1 (EDT).  Twitter.  Stay Tuned.

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