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Tips to Ease the Hormonal Roller Coaster Ride

So, your preteen is on the hormonal roller coaster of adolescent life. He will want to hang on tight, but then again – so will you.

In some ways we wish we could stabilize those hormones for them, steady the days – the moments – for them. In my book, main character Bork gives preteens some tips about being on the roller coaster of puberty.

Tips like, “Stay ahead of hunger. Don’t get too hungry before stopping for a snack.” Think about it, how many of us become down-right cranky when we’re hungry. It’s worse for your preteens, so encourage them not to skip meals: breakfast, lunch OR dinner. Having two small, but healthy snacks a day will make them feel better. (But you already know that.)

Tip #2 – Get physical. Right now, go ahead – get up. Extend those fingers and the rest of your body beyond that video game. Get your body moving like you are a little kid again. Head outdoors. Ride your bike; kick a ball; skateboard. Can’t go outside? Try stretching or dance. Go ahead! Nobody’s watching. Or if you prefer, find a fun activity and add a friend or two to the mix. The point is that physical activity releases endorphins that make you feel SO good.

Bork’s final tip on dealing with the puberty hormonal roller coaster is . . . to journal.  Write stuff down. What kinds of stuff? Anything that matters to you. Stuff you think; stuff you feel. Some folks say it really helps. Besides, it’ll give you a good laugh 20 years from now.

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