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Getting Questions About the Election?

In the height of the election, there was lots of kid talk in our household — questions and comments like:

“What if there’s a tie?”

“This whole electoral vote thing is SO confusing!”

On this post-election day, no matter our political affiliation, our candidate preference, or whether we’ve “won” or “lost,” let us value our choices — and our freedom to make them — as Americans.  Although far from a perfect system or society, an election gives us the opportunity to speak our voice, while affirming our values (social, fiscal or otherwise).  As we talk with our kids about the election, it’s another opportunity to discuss our values and priorities, as individuals, families, communities, and as a nation.  It’s a time to remind our kids to appreciate differences among people while cherishing the ideals that not only make us unique but that are founded in being an American.  This morning at breakfast, my daughter threw out some word associations.  One was: “When I say America, what do you think of?”

Take a moment.  What do you think of?

Let us cherish what “America” visualizes for us and what America means to us as we journey into the next post-election era.

p.s. And if your kids are confused by the “whole electoral vote thing,” this may help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9H3gvnN468

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