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An ExtraOrdinary New Year

polar bear happy new yearA new year is here. We all approach it a bit differently. Are you jumping in to make the resolution list? Or taking it all in and waiting to see where 2013 might take you? Whether you’re immediately seizing the New Year or letting it more calmly embrace you, here is a neat concept (given to me yesterday by our local pastor).

She said: Be extraordinary in an ordinary world. Find the kindness, the generosity, the love in your heart . . . and spread it. Do the extraordinary things that just might not seem ordinary in our world.

Being extraordinary can mean big things, of course; or it can mean those little things in our “ordinary” daily world – like letting the person go ahead of you. Holding the door. Opening the door. Looking for ways — big and small — to help someone out.

That’s where I’ll start this year (with just a few more on the list). At least one extraordinary thing each day — big or small. Maybe it will be like paying it forward.

I’m going to pass along the extraordinary proposition to my kids, too. Wish me luck . . . and have an extraordinary day.
p.s. Stay tuned for the “Happiness Advantage” for 2013. We’re just getting warmed up.

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