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Going for the Happiness Advantage (Taking My Kids Too)

happiness ball
New year. Happiness Advantage. High quality stuff for 2013.

2-5 minutes a day, 21 days. Founded in science. Grab on yourself, and bring along your kids.

Let’s look at the science, then we’ll dive into the good stuff. First, let me credit Shawn Anchor, distinguished Harvard professor, for this. Through research, he has summed up that:

Only 10% of long-term happiness comes from one’s external world . . .

While 90% of long-term happiness comes from how one’s brain processes the world.

As you raise your brain’s level of positivity in the present, your brain will experience the Happiness Advantage. In this state, a number of remarkable things happen.

Dopamine releases throughout your system. This makes you happier . . . and it turns on all your learning centers.
Your intelligence increases. Your creativity increases. Your energy levels rise.
And, your brain is 31% more productive.
That’s cool. That’s cool for us. And for our kids.

Shawn Anchor has found (in research) that we can train our brains to reach the Happiness Advantage – and thus long-term happiness – 2-5 minutes a day, in 21 days.

Let’s take this one step at a time – by ourselves – and let’s lead our kids.

Step #1
For the next two days, write down 3 NEW things for which you are grateful, each day. Have your kids do it too. That’s it. Today – 3 new grateful things. Tomorrow – 3 new grateful things.

Stay tuned for Step #2. I’ll see you then.

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