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Teens…Eating…Growing…Still Hungry?!

Boys eating
I have a little boy . . . who’s growing big — and tall. I have a little boy . . . who often said, “I’m full,” but still kept up on those growth charts — and on the playground.

I have a little boy . . . who is eating twice as much as usual and is — Still Hungry.

Oh, yah. I remember now. From all my friends. This day would come. The day my son begins eating everything in the refrigerator — and looks for more — and more. The day my grocery bill triples — each week. My predecessors with older children told me about it. And now it’s my turn. It’s just such a change — for my little boy. He eats twice as much as ever, and is…well…Still Hungry. He heads for the snack drawer. Isn’t that where all hungry teens go?

Wait, we need a different approach. Suddenly I grab the reins, realize the destiny of my reality, and refresh my thoughts toward expanding the “healthy snacks for teens” selections. If you are also in need of some “fresh” selections, here you go:

Cheese toast
Black bean dip with whole grain crackers
Hummus and pita wedges
Apple or banana slices with peanut butter and raisins
Grapes and string cheese
Popcorn mixed with dried fruits and nuts
Whole wheat English muffin with pizza sauce, veggies & mozzarella
Rice cake with peanut butter and honey
Hard-boiled egg and orange slices
Soft pretzel with mustard
Apple slices dipped in yogurt (try a little cinnamon sprinkled in vanilla yogurt)
Whole grain crackers with salsa and melted cheddar cheese
Fruit and yogurt smoothie

Happy, Healthy Eating . . . and Growing . . . and see you at the grocery store . . .

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