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You Know You’re In Puberty . . . When . . .

3 adolescent boys and books

You Know You’re In Puberty When . . .
. . . you grow taller and stronger and certain parts of your body grow bigger and you get hair in different places and your voice starts to change and . . .

Let’s slow down.

(a little excerpt from my book, just for free . . .)

One of the first things to know about puberty is: everybody begins it at a different time.
Yep, everyone gets to the starting gate at different times and everyone finishes at different times. Just like everyone learned to walk, talk, read, and catch a ball at different times. Some boys start the puberty changes when they are 9, and some boys start the changes when they are 14 or 15. One thing’s for sure though…you can’t skip it. You will definitely go through it.
And you know what? IT’S ALL NORMAL. Let me repeat that: IT’S ALL NORMAL. It can feel like a wild ride, sometimes, but IT’S ALL NORMAL. Guess what else? Girls generally start puberty before boys. Yep, that’s right. They usually beat you to the starting gate. (At least this time). 

And now, for your first REAL DEAL ACTION CHALLENGE.

I’ll wait patiently here to see if you’re up to the task. If you are, here it is:

(an excerpt from my book, Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life, written for boys ages 9-13)

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