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I Finally Got on Facebook and My Kid Got Off


Facebook is out, Instagram is in. At least in these kids’ eyes.

He’s following him. She’s following her. I seem to be following everyone and everything except my kid. On social media that is. These kids are two steps ahead. No matter how hard we try, no matter how fast we try to stay ahead, we are two steps behind in this social media world. Even a middle school technology teacher told me she can’t seem to stay two steps ahead of them.

And what about Tumblr. Kik (me). And what appears to be the the most elusive of them all (because nobody is following anybody, at least we parents of these kids) – Snapchat.

What’s a mom to do?

Like I said before (in that other blog back there), I do what every good millennium mom does. I google.

Tried it. Doesn’t work. The answers just aren’t there.

But lo and behold, I can offer you this: 11 Sites & Apps Kids Are Heading To After Facebook. The quickest, most comprehensive thing about all this stuff – almost at our fingertips. Ooh, watch out. I’m one step closer on this high speed social media train (at least for just a sec.)

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