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Teachable Moments . . . and Rock Concerts?

Rock Concert

First concerts.  We all remember them.  What was yours?  Mine — Shawn Cassidy.  1978.  Then the Beach Boys (yeah, so I’m dating myself.).  And, now, as I see my daughter rockin’ about, hearing ads for rock stars comin’ to town, I think of the concerts I attended after Shawn Cassidy and those Surfin’ Safari boys……and I cringe.  I mean, concerts don’t always breed the best behavior out there in society.  On top of that, I don’t even know what goes on today at those things.  I mean, my last concert was U2 a whole 2 decades ago.

So out comes the ad for Bruno Mars comin’ to town.  My daughter says, “Mom, you love Bruno Mars, don’t you?”  Huh.  Never really thought about it.  I mean, I don’t really think so.  She continues, “I mean, you love all his songs, don’t you?”  Well,  I think, I kinda do.  So, he’s comin’ to town, with Aloe Blacc as his opening act.  Have you heard him?  A little re-make of Elton John’s melody of “You Can Tell Everybody . . . “ followed by . . . “I’m the Man, I’m the Man.”  In listening to those words, I actually found some spiritual meaning intertwined in it all – in the catchy, familiar melody.  I even googled it, and found a little confirmation of this from some music analysts.  If you listen closely, you can hear some life – some humbling – life lessons.

So, I get to thinking.  Well, what about taking my daughter (she’s 11) to the concert?  I later see Bruno Mars in his notable Super Bowl half time show.  I mean, he’s got some talent.  And I didn’t exactly notice the vulgarity we’ve seen in some recent displays of pop stars.  “Yah, Mom! That could be my first concert.  Let’s go!”

I hesitate for a minute.

“No, sweet.  Your first concert was actually The Wiggles.  You were 2.”

But on to pondering about this first concert thing.  I ultimately decide it is – yet another – opportunity for teachable moments . . . while she still wants to go with ME.  There will be teachable moments everywhere.  What to do at a concert, and heck, yah, what not to ever do at a concert.  And, it’ll be a glimpse for me at what’s out there right now.

That’s it.  I’m booking it now.  What’s comin’ to your neck of the woods, with teachable rockin’ moments in tow???

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