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Parents: ON STRIKE

Making Dinner Two

I’m a loving parent. And I’m going on strike.

I’m striking against Lack of Appreciation. Otherwise known as Not Knowing How Good We Kids Have It.

It’s not that I’m looking for a thank you (although who am I kidding, that would be nice) or increased pay or more days off (now THERE‘s a concept). I just want to lay a little low, and do remarkably less, so these wonderful, developing kids of mine appreciate what they have.

It would look something like this:

Instead of the plate of eggs, toast, fruit and juice awaiting the sauntering teen in the morning (what is it about the compulsiveness of us parents to fill ’em with the good stuff?), my teen would find me (quietly on strike), sipping her coffee, reading the paper. As I see him come in, I might say, “Could you pour me a little more coffee, while you’re up?”

And he’d be on his own. On his own, at least (albeit in those wee early school morning hours), to find his own breakfast. And lunch. Dinner too. And then some. What the heck, we are trying to make a point.

Yah, I know; he might just skip breakfast. Or throw a bar or handful of something less desirable in his mouth. But maybe, just maybe, he’d realize what is done for him, each day, every day. You know, all the stuff (the food) that just appears . . . with love, dedication, and dare I even say some sacrifice. Maybe just maybe, if it wasn’t there, he might appreciate it more when it is.

It’s not that I want to come off as being apathetic, nasty, or even passive aggressive, I just want these growing little kin of mine to have a little taste of nothing so they appreciate something that mom does, faithfully, day in and day out. No sick days for moms. No coming in late. The strike, it’s kind of like that “less is more” concept. Seems that those who have a little less appreciate what they have more. I could start a movement. One kitchen at a time. Let me know if you’re in, and I’ll get the coffee brewing and have your newspaper ready. 🙂

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