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1 of the Best Animations I’ve Seen

Mr. Peabody and Sherman
Mr. Peabody and Sherman is one of the best animated movies I’ve seen. Full of intellect and humor, it’s a heart-warming display of parental love and guidance, intertwined with vivid, entertaining history lessons and a glimpse of peer pressure, getting along, and standing up for yourself. We laughed, we smiled, our hearts sank here and there while we were taken back in time in virtual reality to the French Revolution, ancient Egypt, Italy in the Renaissance, the Trojan War and more. We left the theater feeling good all over, having laughed while endorphins ran through us, and feeling just a little more in tune with history. And let me not sign off without mentioning the adorable little tail wag at the end, signifying it all — the bond between a father dog and his human son.
(And speaking of parental love & guidance, peer pressure, and getting along, check out my books . . . they touch on all these things too.)

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