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I Must Have THE TALK (and other prose)

Blog photo The Time Has Come

In honor of National Poetry month, and inspired by Marvin K. Mooney . . . Dr. Seuss . . . and all the moms, dads, and pre-teen kids who read my books, I share this with you:

It’s Time for THE TALK, But I Don’t Know How

The time has come. The time is now.
I must have THE TALK, but I don’t know how.
My kid’s at that age — that she just needs to know.
My dear, oh dear, just how will it go?

There’s growing and shaving; all the puberty stuff too
And where do babies come from! WHAT’S A MOM TO DO?
That’s when I found Corky and a dude called Bork
To help tell the kids: IT’S NOT REALLY THE STORK!

Just click right here and you’ll have ALL YOU NEED
To help you complete this pre-adolescent deed
You made it through potty training and the terrible twos
It’s just the next stage of life in your mommy dues

Trust me when I say the books make it fun
Some kids laugh out loud shortly after page one
Dive in this minute and don’t wait any more
The time is now. We’ll help you open the door.

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