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Spring Has Sprung! Has Your Teen?


Spring. Spring Break. And How to Get Your Teen to Spring Up With It.

Whether Uncle Sam is leaving you with a little extra spending money this spring, or he’s collecting his dues, there are lots of different ways you can enjoy the burst of spring — and the break it brings — with your kids (and maybe even get your teens to spring up too).

There is the typical travel to the typical destinations (who doesn’t love a spring break trip?  WooHoo!).  Yet check out these 5-Under-The-Radar-Spring-Break-Getaways. Many of these are in specific locales, yet similar venues exist in numerous geographic areas . . . perhaps even yours.

Having a spring break staycation? What a perfect way to re-group. While you’re staying and cationing, maybe there are some jaunts you can take to spring up your teen and get the springtime endorphins flowing throughout the family.

  • Consider an IMAX theater showing. In various science centers, museums and other locations, IMAX movies can offer a delight into nature and adventure, and can generally appeal to all ages.
  • What venues exist right around you that you never have time to visit . . . unless you’re hosting (and touring around with) out-of-town guests? You’ll be pleasantly reminded about what’s out there if you take a moment to think . . . and peruse your local offerings.
  • Try a park. Take a Frisbee. What about local lakes, hiking areas, or coastal destinations that may be within a day’s trip?

And don’t forget the good ole fashioned fun and creativity that can come with the staying part of the staycation.

  • If you can’t beat those video games, join ‘em! Join in on that Wii tennis, Xbox soccer game or Playstation dance marathon. Try a family tournament . . . invite some friends. Show your kids that you can “Just Dance” with the best of ‘em!
  • Try some chocolately fun recipes. Once it gets started, you’ll never know who will flock into the kitchen to “help” and take a peek.
  • Make a movie on your computer or your PDC (personal device of choice). Chances are, your kids can lead the way, if that’s not up your alley. Try a music video too. Make a mix of the old with the new and give your kids a taste of the “oldies but goodies.”
  • Are there movies that came and went from the theater, that you never had time to see? Browse your selections. Pick a favorite that came and went. Find a favorite of yours from your childhood. Let everyone take a pick. (I’ll never forget the way my kids ROARED OUT LOUD watching The Love Bug one night (I TOLD THEM they would love it!).
  • Pull out some games off the shelf. The laughter, comraderie and “teamness” (not to mention a little friendly family competition) can be contagiously fulfilling.
  • Share some card games. Fill in your kids on the ones from the past. Don’t remember all the rules? Not to worry – Google does. Cards games like Spit, War, Hearts, Spoons, I Doubt It can be a sure fire way to some lightened up fun.
  • Have a smorgasbord. Everyone make their favorite food and dig in. (You may even have some leftovers giving you more time for fun another day.)

However spring is springing in your neck of the woods, whether you’re jetsetting, travelling, visiting or enjoying the beauty of “home,” may this spring break leave you with some fresh ideas and a spring in your family’s step. Enjoy . . .

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