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Being A Dad Can Be Hard Work

Dad Hard Work

. . . especially when it comes to raising those . . . girls . . . and dare I even mention . . . those . . . teenage girls.  I do remember good ‘ole John Gray who taught us (in his ever-so-famous book) that Men are From Mars and Women Are From Venus.  Hence, from what planet comes the teenage daughter?  I imagine this thought has crossed the minds of a few dads every now and then.

I mean, it’s enough being a woman (from Venus) raising a daughter (also from Venus).  But throw in a man — a dad — from Mars.  Yah.  Not always so easy with those teenage daughters.  There are the hormones.  The emotions.  The drama.  The tears.  Those often unexplainable tears.

If this speaks to you (or someone you know), I offer you this:  the Dad of Divas.

As a Dad of Divas, he’s the first to offer anything helpful from fatherhood to dads in the limelight to the ultimate college prep blueprint (he even wrote a book on that).

Check him out.  He does frequent — very frequent — book reviews, appealing to parents of all stages.  He reviewed my latest book, that ever-so-handy guide for all 10-13 age girls.  Thanks, Diva Dad!


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