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“You Don’t Need To Tell Me About The Birds & The Bees. I Downloaded It All From The Internet.”

Dad-Son Internet


Study after study has shown that kids want to learn about “the birds & the bees” from their parents.  

Grab the reins.  You can do it.  Be the source of information for them.  You’ll be glad you did.  Grab a hold of one of my books.  It will lead the way — and open up some good discussion too.  Check out my books (one for girls & one for boys), along with this latest review:

Our kids are going to learn alot about themselves and this world from the world, and that’s not really a good place to start. I want my children to learn from me so much so that I homeschool them. Have you ever heard the quote, “I have seen the village and I don’t want them raising my child?” Well that is how my husband and I look at this world and all it has to offer. If you want them to know the truth about how things really are whether its the world they live in or the skin they live in, its best coming from us—the parents of said child.

Well apparently the author of my latest review, Terri Shearer Trenchard felt much the same way when she started to teach her son about the facts of life, only to be disappointed by the books she found on the topic. She then set out to create the boy version of this same book, “Bork Reveals the Real Deal About the Facts of Life”, which is a book designed to help boys with that tender subject at the ripe old ages of 9-13 years old. So I was offered the girl version of the follow up book, this book entitled Corky Gives The Whole Scoop On The Facts Of Life (For Girls Only!).

The author has really managed to put together a great coming of age book that is light hearted and full of educational quality directed towards our girls that will engage them. From puberty, pimples, to peer pressure this book mentions it all as well as explains some of those tough topics that are hard for us as parents to talk with our girls about. But the good thing is the conversations don’t have to stop there, this book will help your daughter talk more to us about those things that are of a concern to her.

The book is narrated by Corky, a fun loving young girl that will lead your daughter to a better understanding of her body and hopefully open up the communication with her parents. This is a great book full of good advice for your daughter or that special young girl in your life that is approximately between the ages of 9-13.

(Review by Jaylynn Patterson)

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