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Who Loves Summer?

I love summer

I do.  Absolutely.  Best time of the year.  That’s why . . . well . . . my blog’s just a little light these summer days.  I like it the good ‘ole fashioned way:  lemonade stands, long days at the pool, late bedtimes cuz the fireflies are still out, hopscotch followed by vanilla custard and chocolate jimmies.  Not to mention the beach.  Pure grace.  The waves come in, the waves go out.  And no one, not a one, is ever the same.  Pure grace.

Sand castles, riding the waves, drip castles.  Gotta love those sand buckets, filled with water, making the highest drip castle ever.  Bike rides, the smell of sunscreen, the scent of bug spray.  Even the occasional mosquito bug itch.  And the smell of summer grass, freshly clipped, in the heat of the summer night.  So forgive me if I’m not bloggin’ . . . but I’m on a little hiatus, with the kids, the sand, the sidewalk chalk, the summer sun.  Like every year, it sifts right through our hands. Catch it now, for it will pass, as beautiful as that late eve sunset.  I’ll be back, sure as Labor Day rolls around.  And, this time, I’ll have that girl book, for all of you waiting on Corky, the newest character to lead your girls through puberty, adolescence, and the facts of life.  It’s not all vacation, you know, not even for the summer worshiper like me.  As sure as my toes are in the sand, that pen is on my paper, finishing up the next book.  Stay tuned.  It’s coming.  In the midst of the summer love.

Until then, thanks to one of my fellow Twitter chatters, who summarized our last chat on Making It A Great Summer.  She’ll post it here on my blog, for I’m hard to strap down these summer days.  Have a seat in that lounge chair, but don’t lean too far back . . . some great summer ideas are comin’ just around the corner.

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